Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Senza Confini

Member: Ryan Catanesi
Club: AeroPac

Altitude: 27 - 33,000'
MotorsAerotech K250W. CTI K300Cl, L640DT, L935IM 

Project Goal: This is a rocket that I have scratch built and designed for extreme altitude. I will be flying it under the TRA Mentoring program, my father being my mentor.

Senza Confini, is a "max performance" 54mm Carbon fiber minimum diameter rocket.

Optimized for the Aerotech 54/2800 hardware or CTI Pro54-6Gxl hardware. (By utilizing an interchangeable length forward airframe section)  It is only 38 inches in length, and weighs about 1.8lbs empty.

We are expecting upwards of 27,000 AGL out of it on any motor fit for these hardwares (excluding Skidmarks).

Project Note: Green light for flight pending a successful Re-cert L2 by my father after a short membership lapse.

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