Monday, September 3, 2012

Vidroc 6

Member: Jamie Clay

Club: AeroPac
Project Goal: A long time ago I wanted to do a video rocket with the camera out on a boom so you could see the entire rocket within view.  If this goes well I may fly it a few times with up to an H power.

The Boostervision DV cam is mounted out on a boom made of graphite and brass. 

Aries I

MemberRichard Dierking

Club: ROC
Altitude: 5000'
Motors: Aerotech I284w to H123w
Project Goal: Two stage scale model of NASA Ares I crew vehicle (cancelled program, but still cool).  Rocket has two Estes A3-4T engines for stage separation.  Ground tested OK but will they work?  Both stages are dual deploy with a video camera (looking down) on the 2nd stage.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mercury Joe with Mike Power

Member: Jamie Clay
Club: AeroPac
Altitude: 2200'
Web site:

Project Goal: Another classic flight in - with all cameras working and Mike Power at the controls!